Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Speed of Trust


Not my typical genre to review, but- believe it or not- business/personal development is my favourite genre second to historical/inspirational fiction. (Blogger fun fact! ;))

I really enjoyed the information and good stuff packed in this book! I appreciated Coveys approach to this topic of "Trust"- as a business owner and husband/father- to consider all relationships; both personal and professional, and to address each point from all perspectives, making the concepts easy to grasp and applicable.
The style, stories, quotes, and content were all highly engaging and relatable. I had an abundance of takeaways from this material that will be helpful to my work environment as well as my relationships with family and friends.


The Bachelor's Bargain

This book was surprisingly intense!
Catherine Palmer has such an involving style that takes you straight to high society in the middle of a charade, to the front lines of battle in a race for life!
Starting out as rather fluffy and with a love-hate situation between the main characters, this story became so intense as it progressed that by the end I was turning pages as fast as the characters were trying to keep up with the changing times.
A thoroughly enjoyable battle of wits and values, and the same glittering cast of characters we met before, and then some!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Golden Braid

A beautifully spun retelling of the age-old fairy tale we all know well...
It's all here... the tower. The mother. The begrudging hero. Missing pieces and identities.
And, of course, the long-haired blonde. 
This story is woven together like the most intricate braid, with so many threads all crossed over and under and finally
-in a satisfying and heartwarming climax-
pulled taught to complete a glorious masterpiece of creativity and beauty.
A tale of trust, betrayal, treachery, searching, true love, 
and- above all- hope.
There were moments during this story that I was on the edge of my seat, other times I had that sappy "this-is-so-adorably-sweet" look on my face, and once when there were actually tears on my face! 

Full of life, lessons, suspense, and pure magic, this is a sweet story that conveys the importance of entrusting your heart to the One who created it, and embracing His path for your life.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Out of the Ordinary

So, embarrassing story. I marked this book as read and stated that a review was coming soon, and then set about scribbling all my review notes down so I wouldn't forget anything, and what did I forget? To actually post it. *eye-roll*
I remember well, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I still think of scenes and lines from it since I finished it at the beginning of this year, and I'm expectantly awaiting the release of the next!
As always, Jen Turano presents us with a dazzling cast of characters living in a delightful setting in this heartwarming and hilarious story that will keep you smiling from start to finish (and after).
We met Gertrude and Harrison "Behind the Scenes", where they won our hearts, and they are no less adorable at center stage. Their shenanigans and capers are surely out of the ordinary! (See what I did there?) From one scrape to another, these two will keep you on your toes and lead you on a dance through the sparkling lights of their society...and not-so-glittering backstories.
Lies from the past and the truth of the present are revealed, inspiring hope for the future of our quirky and lovable duo.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Cleftlocke {Cover Reveal}

Honor. Love. Sacrifice.

ONE reckless youth in search of a knighthood.
ONE silent mother in search of her child.
ONE powerful man in search of unfinished business.
All three in search of one hidden relic...

Cleftlocke is on the rise!
Deep in the mountains of Mizgalia, an elusive clan holds the key it needs to gain an ear to their demands, as well as the answers some seek.
Various conflicting parties journey to extract them as the clan faces treachery and secrets within itself that threaten to disintegrate the order that binds them together.
Loyal, it's people may be; but to whom?

Dain the Fearless, dragon-slayer, sets out on his trusty steed in a quest that- if successful- will finally grant him his greatest wish. 
He is joined in time by an unlikely band of companions, each harboring individual secrets and motivations for seeking out the mysterious clan. Treachery and discord threaten to destroy them from within, as well as without.
Loyal, each member may be; but to whom?

Here weaves a tale fraught with deception and duty, determination and destiny; friends and enemies becoming indistinguishable- as tree branches intermingled- when alliances shift and kingdoms, motives, and life as it's known are upturned.

The future balances uncertain as the faith of each is tested and the Faithful One seeks for those willing to take a stand in such a time as this.

-Watch here for an upcoming release-

Friday, January 26, 2018

Like a River Glorious

So rich! Vibrant culture and an incredible cast of characters, full of hope and forgiveness. I appreciated the simple and clear spiritual truths, and was absolutely captivated by the intricate, multi-facted, fast-paced plot! Moving right into book 2- I can't wait to see how the story continues to unfold. 

*Contains some mature themes/ violence.
confused, searching, loyal, talented, servant and artist-wannabe we all love and feel for.
 scarred, kindhearted, hidden, generous, jilted, war-torn but caring rich guy we are all rooting for.
 deceptive, beautiful, guilt-ridden, determined, fearful, trapped con-artist we all want to see redeemed.
 heartless, greedy, self-centered, cruel, manipulative, conscious-less villain we all want to slap.


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pirate Hunter

Greg Rhode is a marine archaeologist who just landed a gig with one of his role models and is beyond stoked to be included on a dive to investigate a shipwreck site that dates back...(you have to read it to know exactly how far back, and how it came to be sunk.) Meanwhile, he's plagued with bitterness towards his estranged father who he hasn't seen in ages, and hasn't forgiven in even longer. 
Sheila McIntyre is an energetic artifacts analyst, as well as a diver and bluegrass-fanatic. 
The two strike up a friendship that grows over time, as they work side by side uncovering and restoring hidden treasures and- possibly- family.


Monday, November 6, 2017

The Legacy

Little's a quiet village. Every day like the one before...
Until Loni Ford, American business woman, gets word of an inheritance passed down through scottish ancestors she wasn't before aware or even now sure she had!
In this epic conclusion to Phillips family saga, past and present parallel to reveal missing and correlating pieces of history that will now shape the future of Whales Reef and the lives of Its chief and laird, Loni and David.
Gripping and dramatic, rich and flowing, the Legacy is woven artfully up and down and tied together in a mind and soul satisfying tapestry of redemption, destiny, loyalty and love.


Monday, June 5, 2017

An Uncommon Courtship

What an uncommon courtship, indeed! Delightfully elegant and eccentrically awkward, in the most adorable way.
Introverted, accident-prone Adelaide is thrown into a sudden marriage with the extraverted, social elite Trent Hawthorne. Trent is determined to make the match work in spite of initial misgivings and bitterness, and with the help of his close-knit, hopelessly romantic family and well-meaning friends, he may accomplish that and more.
Both he and Adelaide must learn the meaning of true, sacrificial love; whether it be through deciding curtain colours, or faithfulness and honour in the face of doubts and social pressure.
You will laugh and cry through this sweet and hilarious courtship that may not be such a catastrophe after all.


Behind the Scenes

In the midst of a crazy schedule I have going on that's kept me from reading/blogging so much as I'd like, Turano provided me with many good laughs through this story!
I did not feel quite so close to the heroine as I have to several of those in the authors previous books, but I loved her hero and her wallflower friends (whose stories I am excitedly looking forward to reading).
One of the things I love about each of Turanos novels is the rapid fire, witty dialogue that passes between all of the characters!
I found the premise to this new series to feel fresh and fun, with surprising developments around every corner, and all historical romance readers will enjoy this romp through the outskirts of New York society!