Monday, October 10, 2016

Love's Faithful Promise

My personal favourite in this family saga!
Deidre and Matthew share a story that is sweet, and full with all the elements readers enjoy, from a love/hate to friendship to romance relationship, trials, joy, sadness, and a lot of growing in both characters' lives.
Matthew grows in faith, trust, and letting go, while Deidre discovers what is truly important and that God will give His best when we surrender our dreams to Him.
The side story in this novel felt a bit like a teen soap opera, with all the drama that began the moment young Conner and Jo met. With more time to develop (maybe their own book), the story would no doubt have been more enjoyable, but as it was, I found it somewhat juvenile and out of place. However, this did not take away from the main story and overall flow of the book, so everything wrapped up nicely in a satisfying conclusion!
I enjoyed the character of Mrs O'Leary, with her motherly schemes and wise insights, and I loved the bond between all of the sisters and sisters-in-law. Also, little Phoebe was precious. 
Mason has a vivid style that captures the setting and era perfectly, and brings her characters to life, almost right off the page!