Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Inheritance

"To discover her future meant uncovering a past she never knew existed."
Loni Ford has always wondered about her past; who were her parents? Who was she? What was her purpose? She's been living a successful business life and becoming an important asset to her company, but all that is about to change when her unknown past and the secrets of the Shetlands collide.

David Tulloch has been dedicated and loyal to his homeland and the village of Whales Reef his entire life; as chief of the island clan all the native residents expect his imminent succession to laird on the passing of old Macgregor Tulloch. But when complications arise through an unexpected claimant of the inheritance, as well as the resurfacing of a long lost heritage, will David be able to save his small village from those who would use it for their own gain, as well as his people from threatening eviction?

Brimful of Scottish history and custom, with new twists around every corner and more mystery with each uncovered clue, "The Inheritance" is the perfect rainy day immersion for any and all historical fiction fans! A tale of heritage and tradition, discovery and belonging, and surprising turnouts- an epic saga just beginning! 

Michael Phillips' seasoned and vivid style takes you right into bustling D.C. and overseas to the Scottish seaside! Practically audible clansmen accents and descriptive settings and emotions draw readers in until they feel the fire of Davids challenged heritage and the uncertainty of Lonis deceptively normal lifestyle.

An intricately woven tale for all to enjoy.