Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rise of the Fallen

There are simply not enough words. Read this book. It will give you a perspective into the spiritual realm that you never even thought possible! So incredible, epic and awe-inspiring. Moved me to tears at multiple times. :') We serve an awesome God who has a perfect plan that He has under control!
This book will change your life.

For the glory of Elohim!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bellfield Hall

This novel was brilliantly written! Every time I thought I had it figured out, a plot twist had me stymied. I didn't figure everything out until Dido herself explained it all in full, starting about 10 pages from the end of the book. 
I loved that the story began after the major events mentioned in the synopsis have already transpired, so that- after a brief explanation of what has happened- you jump right into the mysterious search for answers right from the get-go.
I've read many reviews that mentioned the authors tactful style regarding a few touchy subjects, and I was happy to discover this was true. Anna Dean is vibrant and delicate, with good balance. 
Randomly, I love this cover! It really grabs your eye. :)
This novel ended with an open door for book 2, and I very much look forward to the rest of this series! 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Mist of Midnight

Daughter of missionaries to India, Rebecca Ravenshaw returns, orphaned, to Hampshire England to take possession of the home and finances bequeathed to her by her father, only to find that a mysterious imposter has recently appeared with the same intentions - laying claim on Rebecca's identity and inheritance - and then died; burying the trust and hospitality of those in the neighborhood with her.
Rebecca is denied the peace and security she came home searching for as she seeks to prove that she is the true Miss Ravenshaw, to reinstate herself in her home, and to solve the mystery of the woman within her grave.

Mist of Midnight is a tale shrouded in shadows and intrigue - a gripping gothic-style romance in which honor and truth must prevail over dark & selfish deeds, and love over doubt & the approval of others. A wonderful and compelling whirlwind of a novel!
I once again fell in love with Sandra Byrd's style and characters, and would willingly put this book into any of my historical-mystery-fiction loving friends' hands, with a charge to proceed cautiously between the twin stone lions and on into the halls of Headbourne House, where you must remain quietly in the background while you observe those in residence and mentally assign them each to their respective roles and duties in this intricate plot- making sure to keep them all accounted and not let one out of your sight! For loyalties often become unbalanced when the game gets shifty and accusations are insinuated, and you wouldn't want to let yourself be drawn in by some unassumingly treacherous character. (Or pushed away by the one person who may be your safe harbor.)
Oh, and do be sure not step on kitty.


Thursday, February 12, 2015


Rooftoppers had some wonderfully bookish quotes, and a whimsical style, overall. The premise was brilliant and just the type of random thing I look for.
But just because you were found on the ocean as a 1 year old with no upbringing (how can you be expected to have an upbringing at 1 anyhow?) and were raised by a literary bachelor, does not mean that by 12 you have a bad mouth and are still sticking your tongue out and calling people names. Especially when that literary bachelor is the epitome of politeness, and every bit the gentleman... something just seemed a bit off there and like the author just wanted a reason to throw in some profanity. A shame, because she has talent. 
That aside, I also would not recommend it for children due to some minor violence/violent talk at times.

Best thing about this book- Charles Maxim (afore mentioned polite-literary-gentlemen, bachelor). 
"An Englishman without his umbrella is less than half the man." 
"Speed would be ideal here, I think."

Sincerely (Disappointed), 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Mysterious Benedict Society

A friend recently recommended this book to me and I'm so glad I ordered a copy! It's come more and more to my attention that, when it comes to books, I will never grow up. I LOVE these middle grader mysteries that are so often tales of courage, working together, and the importance of family- all told in a style of astounding wit! There was a part in this book near the end that made me stop and go "Aaaaaw." Honestly. So sweet.
The Mysterious Benedict Society has such a wide and unique variety of characters, all with important qualities that are required for solving intricate mysteries and foiling the evil intentions of a villainous mastermind! Brilliant solutions and lessons learned. There is something here for everyone. 

The only caution or thing I didn't like that I can think of was that there is one offhanded remark made by one of the characters implying that the world is billions of years old. 


Monday, February 9, 2015

Against the Tide

It took me a few days to get back to this review because I couldn't think of much to say that I hadn't already said in my review for The Lady of Bolton Hill. Against the Tide had all of the incredible elements that the other did! Elizabeth Camden really has a way with words and historical detail that are completely captivating. 
This was the first novel I've ever read where one of the main characters has a drug addiction and must realize it and overcome- the unique and real life twist made it all the more grievous and compelling, as the reader gets drawn in and comes to understand the impossibility of the hero and heroine finding happiness so long as the situation remains.
I'm so glad Bane had his own story because he was one of my favorite characters in the previous novel (well, towards the end. ;))!
Very well done - I look forward to reading Camden's other works. 

I would recommend this novel for more mature readers, due to drug use and some violent speech.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Lady of Bolton Hill

I really can't summarize my feelings for, opinions on, or favorite parts of this book without giving something away and revealing too many spoilers, so I'll just keep it short and blunt and hope you go read it for yourself! 
The Lady of Bolton Hill has everything a historical romance novel should have... 
History, romance, surprise, heartache, a hero with a past, a heroine with a dream, a villain too smart for his own good, thwarted plans, rescue, repentance, misunderstandings, forgiveness, loyalty, fear, courage, ships, abandoned buildings, happiness, London, music, insanity, family, coffee, (yes, coffee), something even blows up! and -to top it all off- an epilogue like no other! Seriously, you can just hear the end credit music crash to life in that tempo that yells "WAIT! There's more!!!"
And there is! So, if you'll excuse me, "Against the Tide" is waiting.

*This book does contain some more mature themes and I would not recommend to a younger audience.*


Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Carousel Painter

Why did I wait forever and a day to read The Carousel Painter?! This book was FABULOUS! I l.o.v.e.d. it!!! The story was sweet, gripping, and well-paced; not super fast, but never did it lag. The characters were engaging and well developed, and the mystery was intriguing- if slightly predictable. The growth and charmingly unique setting made up for it. Judith Miller has a lovely and clear way with words, and I really enjoyed the German accent she gave Josef- it was adorable and totally grew on me! It made him a very sweet hero with a quiet strength, and a passion for hard work and truth. Carrington was a relatable and lovable heroine, and her slow-growing relationship with Josef was very well -and cleanly- done; I loved that she had to learn to unscramble his backwards sentences and reiterate what he said to make sure they were on the same page! Super cute. ;) 
I highly recommend this shade-patched stroll through the sunny hub of Collinsford, Ohio- from social Fair Oaks to Carrie's rustic and friendly home in The Bottoms.