Monday, February 16, 2015

Mist of Midnight

Daughter of missionaries to India, Rebecca Ravenshaw returns, orphaned, to Hampshire England to take possession of the home and finances bequeathed to her by her father, only to find that a mysterious imposter has recently appeared with the same intentions - laying claim on Rebecca's identity and inheritance - and then died; burying the trust and hospitality of those in the neighborhood with her.
Rebecca is denied the peace and security she came home searching for as she seeks to prove that she is the true Miss Ravenshaw, to reinstate herself in her home, and to solve the mystery of the woman within her grave.

Mist of Midnight is a tale shrouded in shadows and intrigue - a gripping gothic-style romance in which honor and truth must prevail over dark & selfish deeds, and love over doubt & the approval of others. A wonderful and compelling whirlwind of a novel!
I once again fell in love with Sandra Byrd's style and characters, and would willingly put this book into any of my historical-mystery-fiction loving friends' hands, with a charge to proceed cautiously between the twin stone lions and on into the halls of Headbourne House, where you must remain quietly in the background while you observe those in residence and mentally assign them each to their respective roles and duties in this intricate plot- making sure to keep them all accounted and not let one out of your sight! For loyalties often become unbalanced when the game gets shifty and accusations are insinuated, and you wouldn't want to let yourself be drawn in by some unassumingly treacherous character. (Or pushed away by the one person who may be your safe harbor.)
Oh, and do be sure not step on kitty.


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