Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Worthy Heart

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the author's writing style and her ability to draw the reader into the setting of the story, while her knowledge of the era and customs adds to the enjoyment. Each sound, smell and street are vivid and the characters well-developed. (Even the Irish accents were authentically written.)
As with
Irish Meadows, the plot quickly splits into two main threads that follow two separate couples and their lives (though both stories intertwine regularly), which I really like! I find that it keeps the book from lagging at any point and helps keep the reader riveted and waiting to see what happens next, while the two stories play hot potato, switching back and forth on a regular basis. (I also appreciate that this never got confusing.) I personally enjoyed this sequel to the first novel.
A Worthy Heart is a tale of love, dedication, and restitution.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Would-Be Wilderness Wife

Would-Be Wilderness Wife (Frontier Bachelors, #2)
Catherine Stanway, one of Mercer's belles, has come over from Boston after losing her family in the Civil War to start a new life as a nurse in the primitive settlement of Seattle. Levi Wallin figures that the best way to have stand-by medical assistance for his ill mother, and to provide a wife for his eldest brother, Drew at the same time, is to bring Ms. Stanway to their backwoods force.
Written in the style of the classic musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and packed full of comedy and misadventures, this book was brilliant; captivating and witty, I couldn't put it down!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Bride Ship

Regina Scott has a style that captures my attention no matter what the premise or time period may be! Her characters always have a way of surprising me; whether it's one I can't tell if I like and she manages to redeem them by the end and they become a favourite, or I think someone is above suspicion only to find in them the true villain. The whole story takes place mostly confined on one ship bound for Seattle, but the plot never lags and there is always something going on to keep things interesting. I loved the sub characters and the atmosphere they added, and I look forward to hearing more about them as the series progresses.
Research level on par, thoroughly engaging characters, and a rich and sparkling plot!

Read more about the series and the author here: Could You Have Been a Mercer Belle?


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lizzy & Jane

Lizzy & Jane is a beautiful and touching novel about two sisters who must learn the value of family and the freedom in letting go of past mistakes- taking from them the lesson meant to be learned while leaving behind the guilt.
Katherine Reay has an incredible talent for drawing the reader in through exquisite detail and smooth references to classic literature that lend the story a real and sparkling aura.
With dynamic characters and an entrancing plot and setting, Lizzy & Jane will leave your heart warm and satisfied, and with a new appreciation for others, their needs, and not just being, but living.