Monday, November 6, 2017

The Legacy

Little's a quiet village. Every day like the one before...
Until Loni Ford, American business woman, gets word of an inheritance passed down through scottish ancestors she wasn't before aware or even now sure she had!
In this epic conclusion to Phillips family saga, past and present parallel to reveal missing and correlating pieces of history that will now shape the future of Whales Reef and the lives of Its chief and laird, Loni and David.
Gripping and dramatic, rich and flowing, the Legacy is woven artfully up and down and tied together in a mind and soul satisfying tapestry of redemption, destiny, loyalty and love.


Monday, June 5, 2017

An Uncommon Courtship

What an uncommon courtship, indeed! Delightfully elegant and eccentrically awkward, in the most adorable way.
Introverted, accident-prone Adelaide is thrown into a sudden marriage with the extraverted, social elite Trent Hawthorne. Trent is determined to make the match work in spite of initial misgivings and bitterness, and with the help of his close-knit, hopelessly romantic family and well-meaning friends, he may accomplish that and more.
Both he and Adelaide must learn the meaning of true, sacrificial love; whether it be through deciding curtain colours, or faithfulness and honour in the face of doubts and social pressure.
You will laugh and cry through this sweet and hilarious courtship that may not be such a catastrophe after all.


Behind the Scenes

In the midst of a crazy schedule I have going on that's kept me from reading/blogging so much as I'd like, Turano provided me with many good laughs through this story!
I did not feel quite so close to the heroine as I have to several of those in the authors previous books, but I loved her hero and her wallflower friends (whose stories I am excitedly looking forward to reading).
One of the things I love about each of Turanos novels is the rapid fire, witty dialogue that passes between all of the characters!
I found the premise to this new series to feel fresh and fun, with surprising developments around every corner, and all historical romance readers will enjoy this romp through the outskirts of New York society!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Lady in Disguise

Mysterious. Enchanting. Romantic.
Full of intrigue and unexpected turns, A Lady in Disguise will captivate you and hold you suspended in wonder.
Where does a young woman on her own with no protection, no idea whom she can trust, and her profession at risk turn for help?
In a race against time- away from the unknown and towards justice- Gillian Young seeks to clear the suspicions attached to her family name and bring peace to her heart and mind. A difficult task, when her mind is consumed with dangers and responsibility for those in her care, and her heart with the one who may be able to care for her.
Sandra Byrd has succeeded in pushing me to the edge of my seat from the start to the finish of her latest novel,  and kept my fingers turning pages as fast as my eyes could keep up! Byrd has such a way with her genre that is unique and vivid, holding the readers imagination completely captive as you race with Gillian towards the answers disguised so well within plain sight.
Hurry up! You don't want to be left behind.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Portrait of Emily Price

When an art restorer and an Italian chef get together on a renovation project, the results are lots of creativity and support, true love, and pasta.
Katherine Reay creates settings that are realistically flawed- even broken- and tackles the challenge of guiding her characters through them on a journey to find purpose and belonging past their work, lifestyles, and shortcomings, ultimately back home to their families in a beautiful and touching way. 
As I did with "Dear Mr. Knightley", the best way to give an overall review of a work like "A Portrait of Emily Price" is with words; words like inspirational. Cultural. Bookish. Artistic. Flowing. Tasteful. Authentic. Vibrant. White on white. Cappuccino. Loyalty. Murals. Vespa. Architecture. Classic. Pizza. Traditions. Sisters. Family. Feuds. Forgiveness. Acceptance. 

How I envisioned Emily and Ben when I read "A Portrait of Emily Price"!: the cast in the eyes of this reader...