Monday, June 5, 2017

Behind the Scenes

In the midst of a crazy schedule I have going on that's kept me from reading/blogging so much as I'd like, Turano provided me with many good laughs through this story!
I did not feel quite so close to the heroine as I have to several of those in the authors previous books, but I loved her hero and her wallflower friends (whose stories I am excitedly looking forward to reading).
One of the things I love about each of Turanos novels is the rapid fire, witty dialogue that passes between all of the characters!
I found the premise to this new series to feel fresh and fun, with surprising developments around every corner, and all historical romance readers will enjoy this romp through the outskirts of New York society!


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  1. I've always enjoyed Jen Turano's books! She has a fun way of adding comic relief. ;)