Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wonderland Wednesdays: Vintage Blue

Vintage blue chair #patternpod #beautifulcolor #inspiredbycolor

'Worry is like a rocking chair
it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere'

Melinda Reyes Lifestyle: Decorating with Vintage Blues- Ideas, Tips, and Tutorials

"Don't wait for the perfect moment
Take the moment and make it perfect." 

Beautiful vintage blue doors.

"Don't give up. 
Normally it is the last key on the ring which opens the door."

Brother Deluxe Vintage Blue Typewriter by ALittleSimplicity

"Either write something worth reading 
or do something worth writing." motor bike

"Better to see something once 
than to hear about it a thousand times."

Have a happy weekend! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told was a fast-paced story full of life lessons and the promotion of truth.
The plot in this story is very intricate and mysterious- drawing you into the adventure alongside the characters and keeping you on the edge of your seat, climaxing with a highly suspenseful "nick of time" ending.
There were many lovable characters as well as some nasty villains. An entire town is drawn together by the faithfulness of one young lady's burden to uncover the truth and carry on her fathers legacy of honesty. 
I highly enjoyed my first Carol Cox adventure, and am looking forward to reading more!

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for my review.


Wonderland Wednesday: 5 Lovely Aromas


Roasted/Glazed Almonds

Over the River (Yankee Candle)


(Yes, I do consider this a smell.)

What are some of your favorite smells? :)


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wonderland Wednesdays: Favorite Musicals

Hello friends! :D 
I love musicals! I love the sets, the costumes, the singing- all of it! 
Here are 5 of my favorites. 

JOSEPH (Sight & Sound Theatres)
This is one of my all time favorite musicals ever- and I've seen it live! :D What a thrilling experience. So incredible and powerful.

Little Women (Broadway)
I wish I could say I have seen this one live, but- alas- no. There is so much talent in this show, though! Amazingly strong voices!

Beauty & the Beast (Broadway)
Oh, these songs. <3

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Broadway)
Brilliant! :D

Newsies (Disney)
This musical. This.musical. Has some of the most memorable and incomparable lyrics ever.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wonderland Wednesdays: Regency Authors

 Here are 5 of my favorite Regency Authors (and which of their works I treasure the most). :)

I don't think this surprised anyone. ;) Georgette Heyer is the author of so many hilarious and sweet rengecies that I have enjoyed over the past few years. She has to be one of my favorite authors of all time. <3

Favorite works: Arabella, Frederica, The Grand Sophy, The Masqueraders 

Blackmoore* and Edenbrooke* were such wonderful works of genius! I laughed and cried- yes, cried!- and fell in love with some of literature's most charming characters ever!

Favorite works: *

Heidi Ashworth was one of my first regency authors to try out- when I read Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, which quickly became a favorite. I laughed so hard. :)

Favorite Works: Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, Lord Haversham Takes Command

Sheri Cobb South is an extremely talented author and a sweet friend of mine. She has a wonderful sense of quick wit, so many times catching my off guard by her comedic timing. x) The romance in these novels is super sweet and super clean. 

Favorite Works: The Weaver Takes a Wife, Of Paupers and Peers

This lovely lady made me nearly die laughing! I highly recommend Sarah Edens lighthearted and sweet romantic comedies.

Favorite Works: Courting Miss Lancaster

There is just something about this genre that is so charming and lighthearted ~ this era fast became my favorite and I never tire of getting lost in a sweet regency comedy.

“I have no desire to spend every night of the next few months at balls and soirees or drowning in tea with morning callers.”