Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wonderland Wednesdays: Regency Authors

 Here are 5 of my favorite Regency Authors (and which of their works I treasure the most). :)

I don't think this surprised anyone. ;) Georgette Heyer is the author of so many hilarious and sweet rengecies that I have enjoyed over the past few years. She has to be one of my favorite authors of all time. <3

Favorite works: Arabella, Frederica, The Grand Sophy, The Masqueraders 

Blackmoore* and Edenbrooke* were such wonderful works of genius! I laughed and cried- yes, cried!- and fell in love with some of literature's most charming characters ever!

Favorite works: *

Heidi Ashworth was one of my first regency authors to try out- when I read Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, which quickly became a favorite. I laughed so hard. :)

Favorite Works: Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, Lord Haversham Takes Command

Sheri Cobb South is an extremely talented author and a sweet friend of mine. She has a wonderful sense of quick wit, so many times catching my off guard by her comedic timing. x) The romance in these novels is super sweet and super clean. 

Favorite Works: The Weaver Takes a Wife, Of Paupers and Peers

This lovely lady made me nearly die laughing! I highly recommend Sarah Edens lighthearted and sweet romantic comedies.

Favorite Works: Courting Miss Lancaster

There is just something about this genre that is so charming and lighthearted ~ this era fast became my favorite and I never tire of getting lost in a sweet regency comedy.

“I have no desire to spend every night of the next few months at balls and soirees or drowning in tea with morning callers.” 


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