Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Playing the Part

I could just say "Bram." but I suppose I should give an actual review. 
I was beyond excited when "Playing the Part" arrived in my mailbox! Jen's novels are always brilliant, with something new in each, as well as the familiar wit and unique characters of the previous works. One-of-a-kind, and never disappointing. 
The setting takes us from high society New York, to a gothic castle (complete with moat and suits of armor), all the way to sweet-tea-sipping Virginia; from stuffy, to chilly, to warm- vivid through and through. 
The reclusive above mentioned Bram Haverstein is an endearing hero; the perfect gentleman and full of surprises. His rag-tag staff that maintain his castle and the mystery that surrounds it create the perfect stage for a romantic comedy.
Miss Lucetta Plum is at the height of her quirky elegance, while her tough and independent shell are slowly cracked with each peculiar and humorous scenario she lands herself in. 
Abigail will always maintain a special place in my literary family, and Mr Skukman is the ideal bodygaurd. New faces take the stage, bringing both frustration and delight to this fun story.
I missed the constant presence of Harriet and Millie to complete the crazy trio and provide their share of laughs, but alls well that ends well and they could never leave their dear friend to have all the adventures without them. 
With a fast-moving plot, engaging characters, and a highly original ending, Turano's latest novel is a must-read for all Christian fiction/romantic comedy fans! (And if you're not, this just might make you one!)