Monday, October 26, 2015

If You Find This Letter

What an outstanding memoir! Hannah Brencher has a magical way with words that draws you in and captivates from beginning to end. Even when I finished this book I didn't feel like it had really ended; Hannah leaves a part of herself through inspiration with each reader who picks up her book. I laughed and cried and reread paragraphs that were just too beautiful, over and over.
I didn't totally agree with all of what she said (specifically regarding spiritual beliefs), but her heart is golden and I was encouraged to pray for her, that she will use the amazing talents and gift with words she has been given solely for the Lord. She has a powerful voice that demands to be heard.
I underlined and marked up and quoted this book enough to nearly wear out my brand new copy in just over a month!
I highly recommend this to anyone needing a reminder that there are quiet ways to change the world.