Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Worthy Heart

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the author's writing style and her ability to draw the reader into the setting of the story, while her knowledge of the era and customs adds to the enjoyment. Each sound, smell and street are vivid and the characters well-developed. (Even the Irish accents were authentically written.)
As with
Irish Meadows, the plot quickly splits into two main threads that follow two separate couples and their lives (though both stories intertwine regularly), which I really like! I find that it keeps the book from lagging at any point and helps keep the reader riveted and waiting to see what happens next, while the two stories play hot potato, switching back and forth on a regular basis. (I also appreciate that this never got confusing.) I personally enjoyed this sequel to the first novel.
A Worthy Heart is a tale of love, dedication, and restitution.


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