Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Lady of Bolton Hill

I really can't summarize my feelings for, opinions on, or favorite parts of this book without giving something away and revealing too many spoilers, so I'll just keep it short and blunt and hope you go read it for yourself! 
The Lady of Bolton Hill has everything a historical romance novel should have... 
History, romance, surprise, heartache, a hero with a past, a heroine with a dream, a villain too smart for his own good, thwarted plans, rescue, repentance, misunderstandings, forgiveness, loyalty, fear, courage, ships, abandoned buildings, happiness, London, music, insanity, family, coffee, (yes, coffee), something even blows up! and -to top it all off- an epilogue like no other! Seriously, you can just hear the end credit music crash to life in that tempo that yells "WAIT! There's more!!!"
And there is! So, if you'll excuse me, "Against the Tide" is waiting.

*This book does contain some more mature themes and I would not recommend to a younger audience.*


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  1. Love your review!! :D So glad you enjoyed this book & I hope you enjoy the next one just as much! :)