Thursday, February 12, 2015


Rooftoppers had some wonderfully bookish quotes, and a whimsical style, overall. The premise was brilliant and just the type of random thing I look for.
But just because you were found on the ocean as a 1 year old with no upbringing (how can you be expected to have an upbringing at 1 anyhow?) and were raised by a literary bachelor, does not mean that by 12 you have a bad mouth and are still sticking your tongue out and calling people names. Especially when that literary bachelor is the epitome of politeness, and every bit the gentleman... something just seemed a bit off there and like the author just wanted a reason to throw in some profanity. A shame, because she has talent. 
That aside, I also would not recommend it for children due to some minor violence/violent talk at times.

Best thing about this book- Charles Maxim (afore mentioned polite-literary-gentlemen, bachelor). 
"An Englishman without his umbrella is less than half the man." 
"Speed would be ideal here, I think."

Sincerely (Disappointed), 

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