Friday, December 6, 2013

The Masqueraders

Magnificent. Simply magnificent!
There were so many twists and turns to this plot- and so many brilliant characters! Lord Barham was a mastermind! I loved his character- he was so confidant, organized, hilariously arrogant in a matter-of-fact way (lol), and at the heart of it all- he really loved his kids and everything he did and worked out was to give them a happy ending! He was great. :)
Sir Anthony Fanshawe has to be my favorite Heyer hero (so far). He wasn't her proverbial social snob (sought after by all the mothers for their single daughters, of course) who found a soft spot in his character for the less well-to-do heroine and her erring siblings and decides to lend a helping hand - and falls in love with her by the end of the story. Tony had that appearance when first met, but I soon found he had just as much a thirst for adventure as the "Merriots", and he had a brain and wit that worked about as fast as Lord Barhams! (*slight spoiler*) My favorite scene was when Prudence realized he had worked everything out and knew exactly who they each were. :) Brilliant! 
I kept getting confused with all the he's and she's being referred to as the opposite during their masquerade- but it made it all the more funny, so it wasn't frustrating. ;)
I liked that even though Prudence had to play the part of the guy for so long- and did it quite well- that she was happy when the time came to end the charade and be herself again, and was perfectly willing to get married and settle down. It made me like her more, for not being stubborn and overly-independent. 
Robin was amazing! I really loved him- he made me laugh (when playing Miss Merriot OR himself ;)). I loved the scene with his duel against the villain! Pretty epic. ;)
Well played. :)
I will definitely be re-reading this one sometime. :)


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