Saturday, October 11, 2014

To Everything A Season

What a gorgeous cover. :}

Lauraine Snelling has a much slower style of writing than I prefer and it was hard for me to enjoy the moment by moment descriptions of the characters daily lives- I'm sure that it's refreshing and calming to some readers, but I got pretty bored. It was kind of strange to me that the hero wasn't even mentioned until chapter 5, and the heroine not until chapter 16...Haha 
To Everything a Season was super clean, and there were parts that made me smile, but overall it just wasn't my style.

The only truly negative thing here (besides my writing preferences) would be that the author seems to be introducing a multi-religion mindset, and characters that are lukewarm and negatively neutral. Again- that's just not what I like in my books. 

I've heard good things about some of this authors earlier works, so perhaps sometime when I need a low key read I'll give one of those a try. :) 


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