Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Inspired by Grace

Inspired by Grace
“She was never the demure lady who was afraid of getting her petticoat dirty. He was never the calm and collected lad who coddled her..."
This inspirational regency romance will make you laugh and cry throughout! Swiftly paced from start to finish, the story is well thought out and intriguing, while remaining sweet and lighthearted in traditional regency style.
Inspired by Grace possesses a charming cast of characters that Jeanna writes in such a way that you feel as if you've known forever. Both hero and heroine were remarkable! and remarkably human; which I always appreciate in a novel. It is so much harder to enjoy a book with surface and/or perfect characters that no one can relate to.
Ms. Ellsworth's style is so comfortable and she has such a way with the regency era that I sometimes wonder if time travel is real and we have an 1800's authoress  in our midst. (Perhaps a good friend of Jane Austen, herself.)
I loved that (even though this is not a Jane Austen fan fiction novel as some of the authors other stories are) one of Austen's stories was still incorporated into Inspired by Grace. It added a certain charm and air to the story that I can't quite explain. Read and see for yourself!
I always look forward to your new releases, my friend. (Even if they do cause me to lose sleep and to sometimes detach from reality. ^_^)

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