Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Suddenly Mrs. Darcy

Suddenly Mrs. Darcy was surprising in it's dazzling originality! I have only read several authors of Jane Austen fan fiction that I enjoyed, as I appreciate a writer who adds TO the story rather than take away and whose retellings are realistic and believable; Janetta James writes a novel with the same atmosphere and characters as the original classic, simply adding in a plausible twist that I was much impressed with in it's emotional depth and natural unfolding. The few characters that were added in made brilliant additions and it is obvious the author knows her Austen and approaches her variation with authentic respect.

My one caution is- as the story does begin with the marriage of the main couple- this book does contain quite a few references to mature topics (though not overly detailed), and I would not recommend for young readers.

I look forward to experiencing more of Janetta's step-into-the-past style!


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  1. So glad you enjoyed it too. I can't wait for next book.