Monday, June 6, 2016

Bride of a Distant Isle

Written in a style of equal gritty Bronte and elegant Austen, this novel played out like an Elizabeth Gaskell BBC drama in my head! Rich. Engaging. Vividly misty and cold. Emotional farewells between reader and characters. Story and setting were brilliant! Intricate and intriguing with plenty of eerie mystery and singular situations. The element of insanity is not one commonly written in historical fiction (that I have known), and I was impressed with the layers it lent to this book. Well written and hand-in-hand with the singular and slightly odd style that "gothic" is.
While the essence and style of the novel is consistent with the rest of her works, there was a theme of Catholicism throughout, which didn't lend itself necessary to the story and felt out of place for Byrds writing. That being said, Bride of a Distant Isle was like a brilliant collision between Jane Eyre, North & South (Elizabeth Gaskell), and the upstairs/downstairs element. Another Byrd masterpiece for all fiction lovers!


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