Monday, November 14, 2016

The Elizabeth Papers

"The Elizabeth Papers" was brilliant fan fiction! The plot is original and the perspective unique in a way that draws the reader into a world where the Darcys' really did exist and where they left a bit of a mystery to their modern-day descendants.

I loved the style- this is a back and forth story between the 1800's and present day, and each era was presented so vividly and SO rich in culture. During the modern portions, I felt as if I had hopped right over to England and could smell the air, see the colours, and feel the weather that those perfect accents were discussing. It caught me right up and encompassed me- you truly "shut out the real world" while reading this novel, because suddenly- you're in the UK!

There was, unfortunately, some content that I don't personally condone. In movie lingo, I would rate it PG13 for language and sexual content. I'm thankful the author was tasteful with the latter, however, it was still there and, morally, I can't promote it (really at all, but specifically between unmarried characters).

Overall, the book was very well written and *adult* fan fiction lovers will definitely enjoy it!


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