Friday, January 10, 2014

The Black Moth

I have been putting off getting back to my reviews for so long, that this one may be a bit choppy, as the story is not as clear in my brain anymore. :P Please forgive. ;) I did write down some points to hit so I'll follow those! :)

One thing I loved about The Black Moth was the theme of loyalty in the family. Our family is the best and closest earthly thing we have, and they deserve our utmost loyalty! Especially the two brothers in this story, really got this point across. Both of them stayed loyal to the other by keeping things quiet that could cause ruin for their sibling but gain for themselves, to keep each other safe- and in the end everything worked out. :)
Dicks wife Lavinia REALLY got on my nerves for the better part of this book! She was so annoying and demanding- she kept bringing to mind that verse in the Bible that says "A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike." ;P But she was another aspect of the book that I ended up really liking, and it played along with the loyalty theme. Her transformation was really sweet to watch, and I felt so happy for Dick in the end- knowing he had truly loved her from the very start, and never let her down, even when she was horrid and selfish. 
The hero of our story- Lord John Carstares- reminded me a lot of Wesley, from The Princess Bride. Calm, daring, servant-hearted, great sense of humor, disguises! :D I really enjoyed his character.
Diana, seemed to me to be put out more as a secondary character than as the heroine- like she was there merely as a love interest for the hero. Being a love interest and being a heroine are two completely different things- so I would have to say the title would go to Lavinia, who got most of the limelight. However I did really enjoy Diana's character! I liked that she was bold and confidant, but also sweet tempered and positive. :)
There was definitely no mistaking our villain! Tracy was so conniving and mean in that smooth-and-creepy way. I was glad Diana could tell from the start that he was bad news- I can't stand a 'heroine' who is completely oblivious to what everyone else around her can see clear as day (when it comes to spotting the villain). I was glad that he lived in the end- another score for the hero- because he was able to make up with his siblings and carry on the family theme, and actually apologize to the heroine for being so nasty, but still got his punishment, as he deserved (another thing I can't stand is a villain who gets off completely without even being reprimanded). 
My favorite couple from this story was Miles and Molly. They were so sweeeet!!! :D
The ending to this story was hilarious! Most comedic way to make everything lighthearted and involve all the characters at once that I've ever read. Well done. :)


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  1. I love Georgette Heyer and it's amazing she wrote this when she was only a teenager. You can already see her humor & wit is so developed. I like this story since it's a prequel of sorts to These Old Shades (but with names changed). Love her books!