Monday, January 27, 2014

Dear Mr. Knightley

Dear Mr. Knightley
There are so many words to describe this book... 
Wonderful, witty, fun, funny, lovely, sad, inspiring, heartwarming, heartrending, profound, thought-provoking, encouraging, sweet, emotional, tear-jerking (and by tear-jerking, I mean, like this is the first book that's ever made me CRY- not just tear up), beautiful- and so many more.
Dear Mr. Knightley is a book that has events and characters that so many people in our day and age can relate too; Samantha Moore is hurt; she has no self-confidence, she's nerdy, and kind of avoided. But she's smart, can read people really well when she tries, and doesn't know just how brave she can be. She just wants to be loved and not thought of as a total wacko- what she doesn't know is to Whom she needs to turn for that Love- and that she may have herself in the wrong position, mentally. (Until amazing characters like Mr. and Mrs. Muir show up to encourage and lend a helping hand and leave us all in a puddle of aren't-they-adorable-fangirling-antics.) There are so many things in this book that the bookish of our society can not only relate to, there's so much they need here. This book could really work in someone's life who has gone through any of the things Sam relates to Mr. Knightley in this story. 
Btw- when I read the synopsis I was totally expecting the same plot as Daddy-Long-Legs -while it was similar in many ways, I was beyond surprised and pleased at the differences. 
There is someone and something for everyone in this story. 
This is really random- but I SO enjoyed ALL the references to coffee, Starbucks, and lattes in this story. As I said- there is something here for everyone. ;)
Thank you, so much, Reay, for this story. <3


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