Sunday, February 2, 2014

Echoes of Mercy

Echoes of Mercy was a great story about overcoming fears, living in truth, and standing up for what you believe in. This book had a great blend of characters with a wide age range that kept things interesting. 
The plot seemed to move slow, and I felt like not much happened -in regards to the investigation- until the end of the book. But it never got boring, either! I love that about Sawyer's style of writing.
I liked watching Caroline's character grow; in the beginning she seemed a bit headstrong and stubborn, and by the end she was willing to trust God with whatever plans He had for her life (without totally changing- she kept some of her spunk the entire time. ;)) 
I really enjoyed the characters of Noble and Kesia. They were fun, encouraging, tenderhearted, and protective. (I laughed out loud when Kesia had everyone in her cafe stop eating so Carrie could pray! :D)
Lesley was adorable! He was a favorite with everyone. Lank really grew on you, and you can't help loving Letta for her desire to do all she can to let her brothers know they are loved and wanted and protected- even if she went about it a bit impulsively. She saw where she went wrong in the end, and God worked everything out for good. :)
Ollie was a really great hero! "For his strength, his kindness, his well-founded sense of right and wrong, and-admittedly-his pleasing appearance." (to quote Ms. Sawyer, herself. ;)) It was refreshing that he and his dad had a close relationship the whole time. Usually there are parental issues with the hero, it seems. :P
As for the villain- Gordon Hightower was repulsive, to say the least. From his first description I found it easy to mentally picture him with the same appearance as Sakharine, from The Adventures of Tintin. (Outfit and all!) 
The climax of his share in the plot was rather sudden and less eventful than I had expected...but after it taking so long so actually get there, it was nice things moved along at a clipping pace. ;)
As a side note, I absolutely adore the cover art for this book! So bright and captivating! Love it. :)
Echoes of Mercy was a sweet and heartwarming story- my favorite Sawyer yet (A Hopeful Heart coming in at a very close second).

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I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.


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