Friday, February 21, 2014

The Foundling (spoilers)

The Foundling was nothing like I thought it would be. First of all- the synopsis talks about Gideon being in trouble, when really it's Mathew. It also leads you to believe that Gilly will fall in love with the "beautiful country girl", when- for the first time in forever- he actually sticks with the girl he's already betrothed to! I was really glad about this, cause I didn't like Belinda above half! It was like chapter upon chapter of Harriet Smith. Blonde and a bit ridiculous. I was happy for Harriet, for prevailing through to the end and getting better and better. ^_^ 
The story focused mainly on Gilly, and also quite a bit on Gideon. They were my favorite characters so I didn't mind. ;) I loved the scenes with Gideon and Liversedge! :D
Tom added a fun and mischievous element (that children usually do) to the story. :) 
A bit slow getting into, but a romping, fast-paced adventure once in! 
A bored Duke, an overprotective entourage, a slimy & wimpy villain, a beautiful yet silly foundling, a runaway schoolboy, burning buildings, and purple dresses keep the story lively and the reader laughing.


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