Monday, July 14, 2014

A Match of Wits

Aaah! This book had me laughing SO hard! Agatha is exactly the same with her tendency to wind up in trouble, and Zayne enjoys annoying her as much as ever. I really enjoyed hearing the conclusion to their story after seeing their relationship progress through the other books in this series.
One character I enjoyed seeing in the spotlight more this time was the mysterious henchman- Mr Blackheart. Assigned to watch over Agatha when threats on her life begin to be made, his annoyance but fierce protectiveness over her is super cute and had me laughing many times. "Paid companion" Drusilla also kept me in stitches. ;)
This story had an intense plot with lots of mystery, keeping readers guessing from the get-go. 
I loved hearing about all the previous characters as they made appearances once again; Piper has a slightly larger role in this story than in the second and third stories, and her relationship with "Uncle Zayne" was adorable.
The level of intelligence shown by the P-I-G was pretty unbelievable and slightly tiring at times; but then again, I've grown to expect the out-of-the-ordinary in Jen's work so I got used to it and wouldn't say it took away from the story at all. ;)
Also, I was glad I had been prepared for Agatha's independent ways over the rest of the series, otherwise I would have been a bit more annoyed at how stubborn she gets (especially with men). It ended up nicely, though. ;)
The continual appearance of "Charlotte's Invention" throughout the story was probably what had me laughing hardest, and most often! :D
I recommend this to all historical fiction fans who love a good hearty laugh and sweet/clean romance!


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