Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunrise Song

Like the other books in this series, Sunrise Song was super interesting and I learned a lot more about elephants than I ever would have had I not read this; Catherine Palmer makes learning about random things fun and intriguing. :)
UNlike the other books in this series, the story dragged a bit and I looked forward to finishing; right from the beginning the romance in the story had a soap opera style to it- like the author was reaching for something out of no where and rushing it a bit. 
The ending, however, was great! Everything (as usual, when it gets down to it) wrapped up quickly and nicely and I was very satisfied with the last few chapters. So besides being a bit slow and having a rather cheesy romance, I did enjoy this last installment to the Treasures of the Heart series, and I'm glad to have read the fourth Thornton siblings story so as to know each of them individually, even if it did seem that the author forgot about Fiona and then remembered to write her story as an afterthought. ;)

Have the best of Christmases!!!

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