Thursday, December 4, 2014

Falling for Chloe/Peter Pan

The main characters in this story- Chloe and Gil- were super cute and loads of fun with all their witty banter and easy friendship. I don't ever really get tired of the two-good-friends-end-up-realizing-they-love-each-other story line. I think it's cute- and these two played the part perfectly. 
Lord Rival really drove me insane and there were parts with him that I didn't really like (thus, 3 stars). 
There were times during this book that I felt like all I wanted to do was finish it, and it seemed to be taking forever- but the end was so worth the whole! I love when- right at the end- in swoops a minor character to set all to rights in the most simple manner that leaves us all clapping slowly in wonder and stupefaction (saying, "Why didn't that happen sooner?!!?"). 
All in all, this was a cute story and I enjoyed it for the most part, but I was also ready to move on afterwards.

This book was so random and strange- which I love! I loved all the odd paragraphs that shouldn't make sense but do in context. Really this was a cute and quick read and I'm glad I got to it! 
I did not, however, like Peter himself much. Way too cocky and disrespectful for my taste and he totally disregards his friends, which frustrated me. Also- who knew Tinker Bell was such a menace! 
I really did enjoy reading it, though- just wish the main characters were more lovable. I liked the first half best, and the three Darling children are, well, darling. ;)


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