Sunday, March 1, 2015

After a Fashion

WARNING: Reading After a Fashion may cause the following side effects:

-sleepless nights
-depression (you will never be as witty as Jen Turano...face it.)
-random bursts of emotion
-belly-aching laughter 
-fangirling (with side effects of it's own due to squealing, obsessing over fictional characters, etc.)
-frequent use of large words- whether you know their meaning or not
-sudden urges to jump out of moving carriages or join a circus
-a dazed look that may alarm your acquaintances (but not your friends- they'll simply demand to know what book you've just finished, and your closest will probably ask to borrow it.) 
-a desire to give your pets names like Peabody and Oliver
-aggression towards some rather nasty and slimy villains
-perhaps not-so-unrealistic expectations about riding into the sunset with your happily-ever-after
-a compelling desire to hibernate and be unsocial until side effects wear off (be further warned that afore-mentioned side effects do not wear off quickly.)
-an excessive happiness and satisfaction ...until you discover that there is more to come in the not so distant future, whereupon discovering this you will not rest easy until you've secured those as well.

Take with tea and an open- or flexible- schedule.

After a Fashion will hold you spellbound with it's vivid setting and colorful cast of characters. A must read for all historical fiction readers who love to (or need to) laugh! Jen's novels always take precedence on my to-read pile, and they never disappoint with their incredible wit and totally unexpected plot twists. You can't miss out on this wild ride through New York city- from the slums to Delmonico's!


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