Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Friday's Child

Friday's Child had lots of cute elements and overall was a fun Heyer-style romp through the London season. 
Hero was an adorable heroine- sweet tempered and loyal, nearly to a fault. I usually prefer a bit more outgoing heroine, but for this story 'Kitten' was perfect. 
Lord Sheringhams friends were hilariously entertaining! The Charming Trio, containing all the personality quirks that keep things interesting; George is the dashing gentleman, romantic and willing to challenge any and all to a duel at the drop of a hat. Ferdy is a peace loving fellow- an irreproachable literalist. And last, but most assuredly not least, Gil: bachelor, mastermind, and brains of all three.
With Sherry himself I was not impressed with above half. Selfish, prone to throw temper tantrums, and neglectful to the point of driving me mad(!!!), I could not like him until well over halfway through the book, when -in true Georgette Heyer fashion- he is made aware of what an idiot he's been (thanks to the above-mentioned trio) and proceeds to begin making amends. 
Lots of other lovable as well as not so lovable characters and many laughable situations make for an interesting and entertaining story that I enjoyed (minus the bit of language).
Not my favorite Heyer, but not a waste of time, either. ;)


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