Sunday, November 17, 2013

An Elegant Solution

An Elegant Solution was boring...quite bluntly. I really just couldn't get into it. The entire book seemed to be written in a monotone way that made it hard to discern whether what you just read was vital to the story, or simply commonplace narration and conversation. 
As far as narration goes, there were too many words. As far as conversation goes, it was really nondescript (almost to the point of confusing at times) and dry. I kept getting lost. 
I read the entire first half and then for the second half I had to skim parts- I didn't really feel like spending another week and a half dragging myself through words I couldn't make a story out of. :/ Skimming actually helped though, cause when I skipped past some of the over-done paragraphs I could pay attention more easily to the actual story- which I'm still not quite certain I fully grasped. :P
I did, however, like the underlying lesson of humility I was able to pick out from the second half of the story, with the election of the Chairs and all. :)

As a side- I loved the title and how it played into the book. :)


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