Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prisoners of the Sea

Prisoners of the Sea was an action packed, high-seas adventure that had me turning pages in growing anticipation! 
One very unique aspect that I loved about this story is that you don't find out the solution to the mystery until (literally) the last pages! I would never have guessed! It was so interesting and I really liked how things turned out.
Being a lover of nautical things myself, I really enjoyed the major sections of this book that took place on board the different ships, and one of my favorite characters was Winters- the gruff old sailor. (I REALLY liked his follow-up at the end. :))
I was happily surprised by this book- most novels that are a bit older and are nearly 400 pages seem to start dragging by the end (at least in my opinion); but Prisoners of the Sea didn't have a boring sentence between the front and back covers! 
I would (and will) highly recommend this book to everyone!


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