Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quote-A-Day: Courting Miss Lancaster

I've laughed SO hard SO many times reading this book!!! Definitely a new favorite...

“I have no desire to spend every night of the next few months at balls and soirees or drowning in tea with morning callers.” 

“I believe that your lack of partners had everything to do with the fact that the Duke of Kielder was standing at your shoulder with his hand resting rather ominously on the hilt of his dress sword."
"He scared them off," Athena surmised.

“(Athena)"You must have an opinion, then, of who shares with you the distinction of being 'nearly flawless.'"
"There are many," he replied, "who come close."
"But do not equal your level of..." Athena searched for the right word.

"Perfection," Mr. Peterbrook supplied without a hint of hesitation.”

“After a moment of stunned silence had passed, Persephone spoke. "Adam will be so pleased to know he is considered 'well-togged.” 

“I have found that sometimes a person is the last to know when she is in love. One's heart does not always share it's secrets with one's mind.” 

Coming up:
-"Courting Miss Lancaster (Review)"
-"Sarah M. Eden (Interview)"


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