Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Rumored Engagement

I have discovered that no matter who wrote it or what the plot is, the Regency selection of these "Love Inspired Historical" books never fail to captivate me and make me laugh!
A Rumored Engagement is a sweet story of sacrifice, commitment, trust, and family. It has a nice semi-unique plot (I'm sure there are other novels with similar plots, but Lily George was able to bring a fresh and new style to it) that flows steadily -there really were absolutely no slow or boring parts. The characters were very realistic and not all "dolled-up" to be more appealing. The heroine has uncooperative hair and bitterness issues, and the hero starts out as an irresponsible drunk! :P Their gradual transformations through the story were also realistic and inspiring to witness. 
Susannahs' sisters were sweet characters with a fun relationship, and -once again- the hero has an epic butler. 
I felt myself waiting towards the end for some type of catastrophe to break out and cause confusion that leads to your proverbial heart-to-heart-conversation scene right in the last chapters, (NOT that that is a bad thing; I'm sure if more books did not have those that more books would be boring, however...it can get a bit old and loses the intrigue because you come to anticipate it after a while.) but I was pleasantly surprised! The story went through and ended with no earth-shattering break-ups and was really sweet and unique in it's non-eventful-ness. :)
Overall this story was sweet, inspiring, clean, and a regency must-read.

The only thing that I found questionable in this book was that in the beginning of the story the hero obviously has no spiritual life, and then near the end he suddenly does... It was almost more as if he just realized he'd "had God all along" and just hadn't been willing to recognize His presence in his life or further his relationship with Him until this time. There was no admission of sins or apparent change of heart. And it was pretty sudden too- almost like he was doing it for the heroine's sake. This was not a huge part of the book, so but for this part I still enjoyed the story - but we are given the gift of salvation and a relationship with Christ by believing that He died for our sins on the cross (and admitting to and repenting of those sins in our lives). This is also a small book, so perhaps the author just didn't take the time to explain it in detail. Just don't want any confusion. ;) 

Happy reading!

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