Thursday, May 1, 2014

Secrets of the Heart (Ravensmoore Chronicles)

3 1/2 star rating. There was nothing wrong with this book warrant a lower rating than I usually give- I did like it, I enjoyed it, and I read over half the book in one day. When I finished it, however, I didn't have the wonderful & satisfied feeling I like to have when finishing a good book. It was good. Just not amazing. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

The era got me confused a little, because I'm SO used to regencies being comedies, that this more intense and serious novel was kind of a "culture shock". I've heard it referred to as more in the style of Julie Klassen, rather than Georgette Heyer. Some of the characters were distinctly regency, while I found myself imaging a few of them as belonging more to the Medieval era... parts of the story almost seemed like a fantasy novel- or a fairy tale- but realistic. (Yea, you figure that one out! ;P)

Madeline leanrs that God orchestrates everything to fit perfectly into His plan, and that He has a reason for everything; she must learn to annihilate the bitterness within her.

Devlin learns to better understand those around him who are struggling- to speak and comfort from his heart and not rashly out of his head. (Having low tolerance issues does not help when trying to reason with a lady, Ravensmoore!) 

Both hero and heroine have a journey of faith and growth to go through, riddled with mystery, suspense, sinister villains, and a few comical and lighthearted friends (Simon, Hally & Melton). 


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