Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Lady

Dear Reader,
By my 3 1/2 star rating, I would not have you take it I did not enjoy this book- I could never NOT enjoy a Heyer- but out of ALL the Heyers I have read, this was one of my lesser favorites. ;) I love regencies full of banter and love-hate relationships between the couple right up til the end when they realize they've been ridiculous to think they didn't like the other, but I get super frustrated when the story is about a married couple who absolutely adore each other but are confused by misunderstandings and misconceptions about each other because they refuse to COMMUNICATE! and it just builds and builds until you think they're going to end up completely hating each other- and then someone sheds light on the situation (in this case through a series of hilarious events that take place over the last 3 chapters) and the leading couple realizes how stupid they were and how if they'd JUST told the other this or that NONE of this would have happened. :P *sigh* I suppose it would have been an extremely short novel if the author had taken my preferences into consideration, so I'll tell you that- since I knew the entire time everything would turn out well (this IS a Heyer!<3)- I was able to relax and enjoy the story. But being frustrated the whole time and wanting to slap some sense into Giles and Nell kind of made f me impatient for the end and I was (*gasp*) only too happy for the end of this book to come and everything to be resolved. And, of course, I still recommend this to all my fellow Heyer fanatics! ^_^
~A Satisfied-in-the-end Blogger
p.s. I hope my review made sense- I tend to ramble. ;)

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