Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pride & Persistence

This book made me "happier than a gorilla with bananas"! As my first Jane Austen fan fiction novel, this book definitely left me ready to dive into more variations! I particularly look forward to reading more from Jeanna. :D
Pride and Persistence brings us the same characters that we know and love from the original classic, but a brilliant twist adds more to the story than even Jane gave us, all those years ago (I will still always be partial to the original, but I enjoyed hearing about some of the characters pasts that we've never heard about. ;)). I appreciated that our loved ones maintained the same personalities and characteristics that originally had us in raptures (reading about Mrs Bennet in particular was exactly like watching the 1995 adaption, and Jane was so classic as well. I loved it.), and that the new take on the story was believable. I really have enjoyed the few amnesia stories I've read- I think it really opens the author up to many opportunities for comedy and also contention.
Mr Collins made me laugh so hard! He's just as greasy, gross, and annoying as he always has been. :P His resentment towards Elizabeth and high opinion of himself was obvious, and resulted in some hilarious scenes. ;)
The depth of character I saw in Lady Catherine made me wonder if perhaps the author has her novel in the works(?). :}
Lizzy and Darcy were so adorable together! What a sweet romance. I enjoyed the theme of persistence and that Lizzy had to fall in love with him over time, whereas in the original novel it's quite quick and I've read articles about how improbable it would be for them to actually get married so early on, especially taking Lizzy's stubborn nature into account. ;)
I would have to say my favorite character was Colonel Fitzwilliam- and that I cannot wait to read his story that is currently in the works, I believe! :D He was definitely in it a ton more than in the original. He was so sweet and had a great sense of humor. I enjoyed reading his talks with Lizzy and his analogy and advice to her about storms. (If that makes you curious at all, you'll have to read it. ;))
Thank you SO much, Miss Jeanna (and Soph ;)) for encouraging me to read this and listening to the updates on my progress (which, I'm afraid, were few and far between since I couldn't stop reading!)- I will always have you two to thank for getting me hooked on JAFF. :)

Keep your eyes open for my upcoming interview with my good friend and the author of this charming novel- Jeanna Ellsworth!


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