Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lord Haversham Takes Command (100th post!!!)

(Such a lovely series!!)
Heidi Ashworth always knows how to make me laugh! I have no idea why I waited so long to read this, but it was worth the wait! (Even if I still wish I would've read it earlier. ;)) 
It was nice to read about the same lovable characters from the rest of the series, but have new people thrown in to keep the series from becoming repetitive. (A series should have a limit of 2 books in which the same characters take center stage. In my opinion. ;)) I so enjoyed the first two books in this story about Ginny and Anthony- and now I've enjoyed their daughters story! Mira and Harry were wonderful leads and made an adorable couple! George was SO annoying and conceited. :P
The plot moved very quickly- almost too quickly at parts; at times it seemed there was insufficient information and I kind of got confused as to what exactly went on by the end...but thinking back over the story, it all made sense. Just a bit rushed. However, having the mystery move quickly left more time for conversation and comedy, so I was completely satisfied. ^_^ I loved Harry needing to have tea in order to think through his plans clearly! So British. ;)
I'm looking forward to reading the fifth book in the Delacourt series, and any future works of Heidi Ashworth. :)


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