Monday, April 7, 2014

Caught in the Middle

This was my first Regina Jennings novel. I absolutely love her style! Rich. Engaging. Beautiful. Everything flowed so nicely and the plot progressed perfectly- not too fast, not too slow. The character growth was believable- not one of those one-extreme-to-the-other scenarios where they suddenly see the light and are a new person; instead, it took time, but it happened (cause I also don't like stories where the characters are so down in the depths of despair for SO long that you lose hope that they'll ever let it go and move on. ;)). Both Anne and Nick steadily built up faith, hope, and love. The result was a sweet- but not over the top- romance, with enough conflict, adventure, and banter to keep things interesting. The message of surrendering yourself to Christ- giving Him complete control, rather than refusing to trust Him and trying to handle everything on your own- was conveyed in a loving and non-condescending way. 
I look forward to reading more of Jennings work in the future! (Especially going back and reading the first two books in this series. -How do I never seem to realize when I'm reading ahead in a series?! ;P) 

I received this book from Bethany House publishers for my honest review.


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