Saturday, March 15, 2014

Putting Faces to Names: Part 2

I was asked if I had faces for Aunt Bentley, and Mr Randolph Pellham. I knew I did but couldn't think of the actors I was picturing, so I did a little investigating- and here they are! :D
Aunt Bentley
Penelope Wilton (Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey)

Randolph Pellham
Tom Georgeson (Under the Greenwood Tree, Bleak House)

Again, I hope you have 
wonderful weekend! ;)


  1. Perfect for Aunt Bentley! I picture Mr. Pellham a bit more friendly looking, but then again, he has a crotchety side, doesn't he? Good job!

    1. Tom Georgeson's role in "Under the Greenwood Tree" was what I specifically thought of, cause he's pretty friendly and outgoing- but I couldn't find any pictures of him in that role. Haha ;P
      Thanks! :)