Friday, March 14, 2014

Putting Faces To Names

I am currently reading "The Country House Courtship" (#3 in the Forsythe series, by Linore Burakrd) and this is the first book I've read in a long time that has characters I've been able to easily imagine faces for- most (if not all) actors/actresses from the BBC Period Dramas. :D So I thought I would share my cast with you all and see what you think! :)

First we have the heroine of our story, Beatrice Forsythe. Beatrice (on one hand), though not a hopeless romantic like Catherine Morland, is a bit immature. She is quick to state her hasty assumptions and cast judgment before gathering all the ins and outs of a person or situation- usually ending up wrong. She is (on the other hand) young, pretty, and enthusiastic about life. (Also putting me in mind of Marianne Dashwood.)

Next up is Mr. O'Brien, the young curate we've met before. Mr. O'Brien has gone through a lot of change since "The House on Grosvner Square" and is not half so annoying, but indeed, has matured quite nicely. :) I'm having some trouble with him, because he is quite a bit older than Beatrice, and it makes me think of Mr Knightley (Johnny Lee Miller), however one of his strongest outward characteristics is his towering height...and I cannot picture JLM as anything but short. ;P Which THEN makes me imagine him more as JJ Feild, though a more serious role than Henry Tilney. 

Mr and Mrs Mornay (now the happy father and mother of two adorable children) again play a big part in our story. 
(Funny combination, I know! However, his brooding demeanor and her happy spirit and blonde hair make them rather ideal. ;))

Brother & sister Mr and Miss Barton are this other sibling duo to a tee!
When interacting with Beatrice, Tristan Barton reminds me somewhat of a Frank Churchill --however, overall he's too villainous and weird, so I still prefer the disgusting Mr Bell as my image of him. :P

Mother to Beatrice and Ariana, Mrs Julia Forsythe has a loyal and strong, yet at times concerned, quite and ponderous personality. Thus- I present Mrs Dashwood.

Philips Aunt Royleforst is your proverbial feisty old regency lady, who likes to sit back and watch everything going on- after letting everyone know she is in charge. ;) 
(Aunt Josephine will do just fine. ^_^)

A poor tenant couple on the Mornay estate remind me of Harry's parents from Cranford. 

And last, and definitely least! The former curate, who is a very minor yet unforgettable character, Mr Hargrove. Trying too hard to please everybody and coming across more as a nuisance- we're very glad Mr O'Brien was on hand to take his place when Hargrove relocated. ^_^

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did, getting to know my cast for "The Country House Courtship"! (If it's ever made into a movie, I look forward to comparing the actual actors/actresses chosen. ;P) I'm off to finish the book and see how many of these faces change in my mind by the end, as they are likely to. ;)

Have a lovely weekend! =D


  1. PS: Mr. Hargrove is perfect, too.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed my post! :D I had so much fun pulling it together.
      Oh no! Here is the image I had for Ariana:
      And here for Mrs Taller: She fits the part better in costume, but her face is still the same. ;)
      I can picture aunt Bentley but I can't for the life of me remember who the actress is so when I remember I'll let you know! haha ;)

  2. What fun,Alice! I especially liked your choice for Mr. Mornay. (Unfortunately the spot for Ariana is blank--no image showing, not sure why, though I'd love to see who you chose. And the tenant's wife is also a blank spot.) I'm happy to know you were able to envision the cast for this book--so was I! If you get people for Aunt Bentley and Randolph, let us know! Enjoy the rest of the book. :)