Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Country House Courtship

I must The Country House Courtship was probably my favorite book in the Forsythe series! The entire series was wonderful and I LOVED Before the Season Ends, as well, but this one seemed to have the most interesting plot (the main plot, and the subplots), in my opinion.
I loved the wide variety of characters. The first two installments in the series had lots of fun and endearing characters, but most of them were members of the ton, and upper class. Country House Courtship had all sorts of interesting characters, from the Prince Regent to the poor tenant family- with butlers, curates, and the Paragon between! 
Peter O'Brien has undergone a marvelous growth in maturity since the last time we saw him! I was nervous when I read the synopsis- that he was the hero of this story- thinking he would continue to annoy me and that he would seem fickle. I was pleasantly surprised! Linore Burkard acquaints us with his activities between books (a space of 5 years) and leaves no doubt that this is truly a changed man. ^_^
In fact- I found myself liking him a lot, and instead becoming annoyed with Beatrice! She starts out quite immature and flighty, but her character was fun to watch as she grew and became more aware of what is important in life, rather than just what seems right or fun at the time.
The Bartons added a lot to this story and I really enjoyed reading both their parts in the story!
One of my favorites from book 1- Lord Horatio- has returned in this story, but I actually didn't connect it was the same guy until near the end! (No worries, this is not a spoiler, just my not thinking back far enough, and also forgetting his name. :P) 
It's common for previous heroines and heroes to appear different in a series once the limelight has been removed from them; either becoming bland and having no depth, or to forget their "demoted" place as secondary characters and try to steal back the limelight from the new leading couple. Burkard did a great job at keeping the Mornays in the story - even a big part in the story - without neglecting the leads of book 3, or making them uninteresting. They had the same characteristics as ever- good thing, too, cause I love them! ^_^ However they have grown up a bit more and now have a family, so they have naturally changed somewhat.  
Overall, The Country House Courtship was a delightful read with a charming cast of characters and a highly satisfactory ending. 


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