Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The House In Grosvenor Square

The best part about this book was the last half. I felt like it dragged a bit through the first half and not much got accomplished. I did enjoy seeing Mr Mornay's faith grow throughout the book and the last abduction/rescue sequence was really great and quite suspenseful. ;) Mr O'Brien really got on my nerves with his "pert pretensions and under-bred finery". (Especially at the end...) :P The last day in the book was really frustrating (which it's supposed to be) and I felt just as nervous and confused as the characters. I like to have everything figured out and watch it play and so not knowing anything and having no ideas as to what the issue was really sped me along to finish the last few chapters. haha 
I was glad that the villain in the story was brought to task, because in the first book, and with minor trouble makers throughout both, I kind of got the feeling too many people were being let off with barely any punishment... obviously we should extend grace, but wrong IS wrong and there are consequences, and it seemed like every wrongdoer was really quickly welcomed and embraced with just a slight scolding. Anyway- the plot was still interesting in both stories, and Wingate got shipped off in the second, so that kind of made up for the others. ;)
A satisfying ending, and some great laughs mixed in kept the story interesting, but overall I preferred book 1 in the series. 
Looking forward to reading the third book, about Ariana's sister. :)


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