Monday, September 22, 2014


This was a brilliant work of art! Coleman keeps to the original Carroll style making for a madly wild ride of randomness! I really enjoyed reading about the life of "literature's most lovable lunatic" prior to Alice in Wonderland. It brought a whole new and understandable light to his character and I loved all of Coleman's subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) references or set-ups-for the classic; including characters! I loved spotting parallels in personality or appearance that gave their true "future" role away. The Cheshire Cat playing a part from the very beginning was genius! Loved the parts with him.
The writing style was fascinating and I was super happy there was no profanity in the dialogue! :D
(Btw, check out that purple top hat- amazing, huh?!)
This really gave me a new perspective on my favorite classic that is actually believable (well, in a Wonderland sort of way ;)) and didn't ruin my taste for any of it- it actually made me want to read Alice in Wonderland again, specifically to read it with this prologue in mind.


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