Thursday, September 11, 2014

Playing By Heart

I am always eagerly awaiting Anne's new releases, (which are not as often as I would like, but if they were, poor Mrs Mateer would never get a break! :)) and they never disappoint! 
Playing By Heart is a lovely story of friendship, relying and leaning on God through struggles and tragedies, and trusting that His will is best for our lives- even if (in the moment) we don't understand how.
I'm not much of a sports fan, and I never thought I would enjoy reading about basketball techniques and the game itself; however, Anne has a way of writing that has me captivated by any subject she chooses, and turn-of-the-century athletics was no exception. :)
This entire cast of characters was so charming and welcoming! Lula & Chet were a super sweet couple - though their friendship was a long time coming and I found myself wanting them to hurry along and stop reading into every word and action of the other. (Though it just made the ending sweeter.) (It's also a good reminder to everyone to stop doing that in real life situations, because it's annoying. Lol) A host of other friends keep the story interesting and Anne's talent for drawing you in makes you feel like you're in Dunn, Oklahoma right along-side of them!
Mateer's novels just get better and better- you don't want to miss this!


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  1. I enjoy reading her books too! I just finished At Every Turn. Great read! I'm looking forward to reading this next one too.