Monday, September 29, 2014

The Coffee Campaign


This weekend I took the time to finish a trilogy which I had started awhile back (with the second book..because I didn't know there was a first and third...#blondemoment) and I wish I hadn't put these on hold!!!! They were wonderful!! "Love Inspired Hostoricals" quickly became my favorite source for clean Christian regencies when I read "Engaging the Earl" by Mandy Goff, and Regina Scott quickly became one of my favorite regency authors when I read "The Wife Campaign". These novels are full of wit, humor, mystery/plot, spiritual thoughts and encouragement, inspirational character growth, sweet/clean romance, and a charming peak into the regency world! This particular series has a very fun cast of "downstairs characters" as well as earls and dukes, lords and ladies...having the servants (particularly ladies maids and valets) orchestrate the matchmaking behind the scenes was a brilliant idea! They aren't heard from overly much and aren't constantly on the scene, however their influence and encouragement through subtle- and sometimes a bit more bold- hints and respectful observations to their masters is clearly visible. 
Each of these books were refreshingly captivating and I recommend them to all regency lovers!

Happy reading (and coffee consuming)!!!

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