Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Hopeful Heart

I should start by saying- this was NOTHING like I was expecting! I was expecting exactly what the synopsis on the back of the book explained. A simple story about a clumsy city girl learning the ways of the prairie and a hardhearted rancher turned soft. They lived happily ever after. The end...
Not so. :)

"A Hopeful Heart" was a touching story of trusting in God and forgiving those who have wronged you (seventy times seven). 
The plot was really intricate and well written. Several times I was genuinely surprised, and at other parts I had to put the book down and think really hard about all the information I'd taken in and try and work it out, 'cause none of it was fitting together in my brain! So I couldn't really stop reading without finding out what happened, right? ...needless to say, I got through this one pretty quickly. ;)

Tressie was such a great heroine!!! She made mistakes (like we all do) and had her characteristic issues (a bit clumsy when it came to farm chores, and very self conscience) but she didn't get bogged down by her problems and mope around until hope dawned miraculously! She recognized her faults and worked through them diligently (with the help of Aunt Hattie's Biblical advice), making her stronger and even sweeter. :) 

Abel, Ethan, and Cole made a great trio and I loved reading about them! Abel was a great hero and I found it humorous reading about how he "loathed" the idea of getting married while trying to keep his ranch from falling apart, knowing all along how things would end up. ;) 

Aunt Hattie was so amazing!!! I loved her! She seemed able to exercise all the fruits of the Spirit to those around her, without having a "holier-than-thou" air, or coming across as "too good". I was encouraged reading about her.

The salvation and reconciliation scenes were very well written and came across as sincere, realistic, and encouraging. 

This book was really fun, entertaining, encouraging, and clean. (Lovely cover, too. ;))


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