Friday, September 13, 2013

Quote-A-Day: Powder and Patch

Georgette Heyer, Powder and Patch (my current read)

“You're only a man! You've not our gifts! I can tell you! Why, a woman can think of a hundred different things at once, all them contradictory!” 

“Nevertheless, she did not weep, because, for one thing, it would have made her eyes red, and another, it would be of very little use.” 

“I see you will have it, Mr. Jettan. I will meet you when and where you will."
Philip patted his sword-hilt.
"I have noticed, Mr. Bancroft, that you habitually don your sword. So I took the precaution of wearing mine. 'When' is now, and 'where' is yonder!" He pointed above the hedge that encircled the garden to the copse beyond. It was a very fine theatrical effect, and he was pleased with it.”

“I am selfish, father? Because I will not become the thing I despise?"
"And narrow, Philips, to despise what you do not know."
"I am to be a painted popinjay! I tell you, sir, Cleone may take me as I am!"
"Or leave you as you are," said Sir Maurice gently.” 

“He bowed, still holding her hand, and then, without a word, released it, and marched out, very dignified. It was another fine tragic effect, but Cleone, when the door closed behind him, broke into an hysterical laugh. She was rather amazed, and a little apprehensive.” 

“The supreme torture was to come. He discovered that it required the united energies of the three men to coax him into his coat. When at last it was on he assured them it would split across the shoulders if her so much as moved a finger.
"Forget it, little fool!"
"Forget it?" cried Philip." How can I forget it when it prevents my moving?” 

“Who is he, the ill-disposed gentleman in pink?" inquire the Comte, when they were out of earshot.
"A creature of no importance," shrugged Philip.
"So I see. Yet he contrives to arouse your anger.?"
"Yes," admitted Philip. "I do not like the color of his coat.” 

“Oh, Philippe, thou are a rogue."
"So I have been told. Presumably because I am innocent of the slightest indiscretion. Curious. No one dubs you rogue who so fully merit the title. But I, whose reputation is spotless, am necessarily a wicked one and a deceiver. I shall write a sonnet on the subject."
"Ah, no!" begged Saint-Dantin in alarm. "Your sonnets are vile, Philippe! So let us have no more verse from you, I pray!” 

“Oh, Auntie, please take Jenny to the Dering ball next week!" she said impulsively. "You will come, won't you, sweet?"
Jennifer blushed and stammered.

"To be sure," nodded her ladyship. "Of course she will come! James, sit down! You should know by now the sight of anyone on their feet fatigues me, silly boy! Dear me, child, how like you are to your brother! Are you looking at my wig? Monstrous, isn't it?” 

“I will not listen to your verse on an empty stomach!" declared the Vicomte. 
"You have no soul," said Philippe sadly.
"But I have a stomach, and it cries aloud for sustenance." 
"I weep for you," said Philip. "Why do I waste my poetic gems upon you?” 

“Alas, it is too true. I visited him this morning and found him en deshabille, clasping his brown. He seized on me and demanded a rhyme to some word which I have forgot. So I left him."
"Can no one convince Philippe that he is not a poet?" asked De Bergeret plaintively. 
De Vangrisse shook his head.” 

“I shall write an ode!" threatened Philip direfully.
"Ah no, that is too much!" cried De Vangrisse with feeling.”

“You asked me for a rhyme," De Vangrisse reminded him.
"So I did! A rhyme for tout and fou, and you gave me chou!"
"Whereupon you threw your wig at me, and I fled.” 

I am really enjoying reading this book, and am finding so many fun quotes! I may have to do a "part 2" to this post. =)


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