Friday, September 20, 2013

At Every Turn

This was such an enjoyable read about trusting in the Lord and not placing your will and plans before His, and loving people for who they are.

I haven't read many books set in this time period, and I really enjoyed it! The automobile theme was pretty interesting. I'd have to say I liked this one even more than "A Home for My Heart", which I really enjoyed as well. (The two books are both in the same time period, but the setting, and social class are pretty much opposite those in Home for My Heart.)

The plot really kept me guessing! I was stressing right along with Alyce over her money situation- I had NO idea what she was going to do! I really enjoyed watching the heroine's faith grow throughout the story; I enjoyed her spunky, joyful personality, and he zeal for the Lord! Alyce's relationship with her Grandmother, and then her developed relationship with her mom, were both really sweet. 

Webster was a sweet, but mysterious, hero. (When he was first introduced in the story I immediately thought of David Moscow - when he played David, from Disney's Newsies - and it was crazy how accurately he fit the author's description! At least for me.)

Lawrence Trotter. **Minor spoiler** As with most villains, I could tell from the very beginning something was wrong and I shouldn't like him. Oh how right that instinct was! >:{ He was so deceitful and heartless! He made me so mad (and also kind of frustrated with Alyce for not seeing through his facade of goodness from the beginning!)

I am really looking forward to reading Wings of a Dream, and any other works Anne Mateer writes in the future!


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