Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wedded to War

Wedded to War (Heroines Behind the Lines, #1)
** spoiler alert ** This has to be my favorite Civil War story I've read. I haven't read many, but the ones I've read are ALL the same, so this was nice in it's uniqueness. :)

Some of the cases Charlotte dealt with as a nurse were a little nasty, but that's obviously expected, and nothing was too gory. Charlotte's devotion to and selflessness in caring for the soldiers was really sweet and I loved reading the parts where she would make her rounds of simply giving them water or talking to them.

There was in the secondary character's story the subject of the prostitution all around her (she comes from Five Points), but the author never got into the subject in detail, and "rescued" Ruby from the slums as soon as she could. ;) In Ruby's story was also a strong theme of life and mercy that was really touching, and when she's debating with herself about the option of abortion vs life ~ the message was really powerful! (Aiden O'Flannery was such a sweet baby!! ^_^) 

The tons of scriptures included were really great and had perfect timing- and it didn't seem as if the author was continually preaching at the reader, but her message was still really clear and convicting. 

The entire story was really gripping and I really enjoyed it; however, the ending was incredible! =D It was "any other great book" until I reached the last three chapters! It was like an entire new plot unfolded with new characters and intrigue. Really amazing. :) Very satisfactory ending!

As a side note, I really loved Jacob Carlisle (Charlotte's brother-in-law)! Since Charlotte has no father or brother, Jacob is pretty much her legal protector; thus when Charlotte is in trouble with the villain, it's Jacob who comes and defends her and orders the offender out. It was just really different from most novels - where the hero usually comes in, saves the day, and the light dawns on the heroine and she realizes she's in love - it was so much more realistic and was actually (I thought ;)) the best scene in the book! I just really liked that he took on his role seriously as his sister-in-laws guardian and defended her like a man- and that the heroine LET him! :P

In closing, this was a really enjoyable- though serious-themed- and touching story. Anyone who enjoys historical fiction will enjoy this immensely.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this


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